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Natalia Emmanuelle Chaya Sayah was born on January 10, 2006. Natalia is the only darling child to Ramona Yedidsion and Roozbeh Sayah.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Natalia epitomizes the true and purest meaning of LOVE! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Natalia is the most loving and beautiful human being who was ever born into existence. Her eyes bore the light of Hashem. Everyone who's path crossed with her's, fell in love with her instantly. Her wisdom was that of a 200 year-old and her love was boundless. Her charm, purity and intelligence were attributes to marvel at--singular and special

Natalia adored many things in life such as playing in the park, exploring, dancing, picking flowers, reading books, listening to music and painting watercolors. She loved being surrounded with her family and friends. Natalia enjoyed going to Mommy and Me classes, learning about her Jewish heritage, and experiencing all the holidays. Elmo, Barney and Teletubies---they were her favorites. We miss the happiness of those days doing the things she loved with her. Every day with her was filled with joy and her smile made you feel alive. You felt the abundance of the universe when she was in your arms and the solitude and emptiness of life now that she is not!

In March of 2008, Natalia was admitted to the hospital for an unrelenting case of severe pneumonia. For one month in the PICU, Natalia struggled and courageously fought to recover! Her family, doctors, nurses, Rabbis and countless people prayed for her recovery day after day after day! Devastatingly, Natalia was tragically and unexpectedly lost to us on April 25, 2008 when she succumbed to her illness on the Sabbath night of Passover--one of the holiest days in Judaism. We shed endless streams of tears at her feet as her extraordinary Neshama took flight! And the tears will flow endlessly for us with each passing day as life continues to go on.

The void that Natalia's loss has left in the hearts' of her family is unimaginable. We are in a place of great sadness without her in our lives. Our days are filled with wondering how and where to find the strength to endure and carry on. Natalia left behind a family who misses her and longs for her every minute of everyday! And this will never change!

We do not know why this was the path that Hashem chose for our beloved Natalia--we will never know. Everyone thinks she was a Sadeek and we are inclined to agree, and yet it does not make it hurt any less. All we know is that we want her here with us and forever will.

We, as our beloved Natalia's devoted family, who truly love her, care for her and want her to be known for the truly magnificent and amazing child she is, have established THE NATALIA EMMANUELLE CHAYA FOUNDATION in her honor!

Natalia, our sweet love, Mama, Papi Joon, Mamee Joon, Tantie Lila, Uncle Mike, Tantie Leili, Cousins Sophia and Leo and countless of others will honor YOUR legacy of loving and giving always!!

May Hashem bless you with eternal light and happiness!




Natalia Emmanuelle Chaya on her 2nd Birthday



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