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The Natalia Emmanuelle Chaya Foundation
"One Love. One Life. One World."


Our Mission Statement

The Natalia Emmanuelle Chaya Foundation will, through fundraising events and building of original programs, help educate and unite the community to better the quality of life of others in giving of ourselves by helping through compassionate donations and volunteerism. Our main aim and focus will be to aide special needs children and the less fortunate by providing them with the necessities and joys in their lives that they are living without. In the future, we hope also to establish a scholarship fund for young girls.

The foundation will do fundraising for its own programs and will also fundraise for other non-profit organizations that support helping special needs children as well as the sick and destitute. One example of an organization we hope to support is Boundless Playgrounds which has created recreational parks for disabled children where they can play freely with no mobility restrictions. Another example is Project Angel Food which is an organization that provides meals for the terminally ill and or homebound individuals whom otherwise have no means of acquiring food.

For the complete list of non-profit and tax-exempt charities / organizations / found- ations that we support please click the "Supported Non-Profits" link on the menu bar of the website.

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