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"One Love. One Life. One World."


The Natalia Emmanuelle Chaya Foundation aims to encourage charitable giving among members and friends of the world community. The Natalia Emmanuelle Chaya Foundation supports the causes which aide the less fortunate and special needs children by providing them with the necessities and joys in their lives that they are living without!

Our Mission
To facilitate, support and increase charitable giving among the members and friends of the The Natalia Emmanuelle Chaya Foundation in the following ways:

  • Educate members to the benefits of charitable giving
  • Support chosen charities with money, time, resources and in kind gifts

Our Method
Our charitable contributions are made based on the following guidelines:

  • 100% of proceeds go to the selected non-profit organization
  • Donations will be passed through to chosen charities quickly
  • Charities must be IRS approved, non-profit 501(c)3 organizations

A list of organizations will are hoping to help and work inconjunction with through The Natalia Emmanuelle Chaya Foundation:


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